Wild Fauna

The park at the Grazzano Visconti Castle has wonderful natural resources. Owls, little owls, green woodpeckers and spotted woodpeckers, foxes, badgers, squirrels, nuthatches, jackdaws and jays all live there in complete freedom, as well as many other animals that are the special features of tours led by Noctua biologists and guides.

Tracks, noises, nests and the sounds of nature will become more familiar in the setting of one of the Great Italian Gardens.

Visitors can explore the park taking part in spectacular tours (with the aid of specific technology) and themed activities (birdwatching and biowatching), which vary according to the season and activities of the fauna. Each tour will be unique and unforgettable.

In addition, a Butterfly Heaven has been created. This special area, inside the ancient garden with its old fruit trees and aromatic essences, is dedicated to butterflies and to those who love these creatures. The plants chosen to attract butterflies and ladybirds include buddleia, lavender, aster, veronica and verbena. This scientific project originated from the synergy between Noctua and “Un Quadrato di Giardino”, a nursery of rare plants in Podenzano. The park at the Grazzano Visconti Castle is the only park in Italy that offers visitors Owl Watching on a regular basis: a night-time guided tour to listen to and watch nocturnal predators in the wild. In the summer, in addition to watching and listening to owls, visitors are delighted by the glow of the thousands of fireflies that inhabit the park. Noctua has created a special website with photos, texts, video clips and sounds so that the secrets of the fauna in the park can be discovered.

Visit the YouTube channel with video clips of the park at the Grazzano Visconti Castle

How to visit the park and explore its nature

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