A scent, a fleeting vision, a soft murmur.
Every enchanted place has its ghost.

The one that stirs around Grazzano Visconti and moves between the park and the castle is the ghost of a lady, whose name is rich in poetry: Aloisa. The story of Aloisa has been passed on by the locals, who have always respected her presence and the memory of her sad destiny: Aloisa, the wife of a Army Captain, was in fact betrayed by her husband and died of jealousy and pain. Since then her spirit has roamed these places.
One day Aloisa’s spirit was revealed to the Duke Giuseppe who was a medium and guided his hand in tracing her image: the voluptuous woman, not very tall, with outstretched arms represented in the various statues in Grazzano Visconti is her, Aloisa. She is not a hostile spirit, on the contrary.
Like all beings, she asks for affection and a smile, and says “I am Aloisa and I bring Love and fragrance to the Beauties who give a smile to Grazzano Visconti”.

Over time she has become the protector of lovers and many visitors offer her flowers and small tributes, to console her, she who was not fortunate in love. 

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