The Park of Grazzano Visconti is an eclectic garden, where different inspirations live together in harmony: the rational lines of the Italian garden and paths, which seem to direct one’s view coexist with the romantic atmosphere created by the wooded areas and the sinuous paths that advance in the play of light and shade among the trees. Fountains and white marble statues let a variety of creepers cover them: ivy, musk and roses. The plants were chosen in order to have a permanent architectural effect: therefore the many evergreens, such as cypresses, pines, holm oaks, yew trees, and myrtle and box shrubs. Among the flowers, almost exclusively roses, in vibrant colors and a delicate scent.    The park gives life to uncultivated essences, typical of the ecological area Grazzano Visconti is immersed in: there are farnias, elms, black poplars, and hazel trees. Country maples, cherry trees, hornbeams and ash trees, apart from underbrush shrubs such as wild apples, blood orange trees and privet. Instead, a more sophisticated tone is given to the arboreal set of the park by some species such as cedar, wisteria, American cypress, and various stretches of bamboo. In the 150,000 square meters of park some centuries-old examples stand out, among them a plane tree that is over 150 years old, an 80-year-old lime tree (six independent trunks, 1 meter in diameter and over 26 meters high, branch out from the stump), as well as a splendid group of Lebanese cedars.

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