Grazzano Visconti was devised and created at the beginning of the 1900’s by Duke Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone with spectacular taste and refined details and decorations.

Antique documents bear witness to the existence of a centre inhabited in the 1300’s and, in fact, the name Grazzano comes from a certain “Graccus Graccianum”, who was the owner of the land at that time.
Towards the end of the 1400’s, Gian Galeazzo Visconti, with an edict in Pavia, granted his natural daughter Beatrice, already married to the nobleman Giovanni Anguissola from Piacenza, permission to build a castle, which in the following centuries was a theatre for different battles, as the feud of the Anguissola nobles.

This important Piacentine family kept the castle until 1884, when Countess Fanny, born Visconti and married to an Anguissola, lost her husband and only son, leaving her possessions to her brother Guido Visconti of the line of the Milanese di Modrone Earldom.

Thanks to the work of Duke Giuseppe Visconti, the Biscione returned to Grazzano and the village, a nucleus of hovels and old stables surrounding a castle in falling into ruin, became a neo-medieval-style village.

The Castle towers take on a stateliness typical of a viscount fortress, loggias and trenches are crowned by Ghibelline battlements, brick facades become more harmonious and austere with graffiti and decorations characteristic of the Lombard style. A luxuriant setting of centuries-old trees, statues, paths, and fountains make up the enormous park, while buildings reflecting the stylistic lines of the first centuries after 1000; the architectural ratios are harmonious and pleasant and the various elements of street furniture – small fountains, balconies, windows, coats of arms and inscriptions – are skilfully placed.


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