Garden architecture
The Castle of Grazzano Park Visconti is a pleasant mix of elegance, tranquility and surprise.
Its lights change with the seasons and its voice always changes tone: listening is important in a park.
The Italian garden in front of the main entrance seems to beckon the visitor.
The symmetry of the two areas, separated by the wide gravel drive, speaks with harmonious serenity but the different composition of the two parterre reminds us that imagination is the spice of life: on the left side the statues representing the four seasons surround a free central green area that draws attention to the two heaps of cannon balls; in the center of the parterre on the right there is a fountain with an octagonal base, made up bricks covered with gray granite slabs and decorated with small lion statues in tufa; in the center of the fountain is a white marble statue representing Orpheus. In spring the intense scent of roses accompanies us through the park landscape, which develops on the sides with sinuous paths shaded by yew tress, poplars and lime trees.
The show is truly spectacular at the back of the castle, where a masonry exedra, with columns alternating with statues and urns, bounds a Baroque basin with a multi-layer design. The sound of water can be heard through the entire park, thanks to the wealth of fountains as well as small ditches running parallel to the flowerbeds, along the paths or in the woods. This fresh and carefree water gives life to the entire garden and is regulated by a manual sluice gate system.
Beyond the great multi-layer fountain there is another path, on the same axis as the main one, leading towards the back, bordered by hedges of privet and hornbeam and enriched by a long central flowerbed, decorated by cone-shaped yew trees.
Onward until reaching the belvedere, which overlooks the countryside and is adorned with a statue of Apollo.
Turning left, an arched passage through the hornbeam hedges leads to a delightful play house (desired by Count Giuseppe for his two youngest daughters, Uberta and Nane), while further ahead two sphinxes mark the entrance to the labyrinth.
The park invites visitors to stroll, leaving the main path behind and choosing the parallel ones, lined with plane and hackberry trees, to then pause on a stone bench and listen to the garden breathe.


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